Why LED Lighting?

Why LED Lighting?

Feb 15th 2014

Why LED?

LED lights are often chosen for their ability to be controlled, dimmed, and optimized. LED lighting fixtures can be installed with dimmer switches to allow homeowners the ability to control and select the amount of the light emitted.

Choosing LED lighting can mean bulbs have an excellent lifespan, an inconspicuous size, give great light distribution, and have customizable features to fit any home. These are just a few of the advantages to using LED lighting.

  • LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than any other light source on the market today.
  • LED light bulbs have a longer life span
  • LED lights are non-toxic and greener than other alternatives
  • LED lighting is flexible in color and design
  • LEDs are the way to a bright green future
  • LED's are controllable

*Some dimmers were designed to control incandescent bulbs and may not produce a smooth change in output causing flicker during dimming. Always check manufacturers’ recommendations for compatibility.