LED SMD Fixture MX879-LD50W-2X4

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LED SMD Fixture MX879-LD50W-2X4

Brandon LED Receesed lighting is ideal one-for-one replacement of conventional lighting systems such as HID and fluorescent.Applications include office,Libraries and other indoor spaces.Luminaire shall be recessed mounted into a ceiling,surface mounted or suspended mounted is not permitted.

Effective advanced LED integration in a traditional low-profile lightweight recessed troffer luminaire shape;specialized low profile single drop basket diffuser covers provide smooth even light;long 50,000 hour life; wide voltage and constant current design with high power factor;dimmable with 0-10V signal;mercury-free and no noise.This product is UL listed,DLC listed RoHS compliant,and fully recyclable.

LED Recessed lighting Luminaires transform ambient lighting into an exquisite balance of refined appearance and superior efficiency.When illuminated,the troffer produce a perfectly even glow that delivers exceptionally uniform light to fill the space.